James has been an event speaker for over 8 years. These events range from panel discussions and keynote speeches. James has received formal coaching in public oratory and delivery and this has provided the catalyst needed to launch his public speaking career in which he has delivered many talks to audiences fitting several demographic groups.

In the past, regardless of the audience, his speaking engagements have always revolved around inspiring, encouraging or informing others about things they can do to be better versions of themselves. He has spoken on topics such as: Medicine, preparing for university, university life, Black history, networking, mental health, motivational talks etc.

Examples include



Access and Inclusion in Medicine

What to expect as a medical student

Applying to medical school 


What is networking?

How to network effectively?

The importance of network

Educational journey:

Resilience and peer pressure

Goal setting

Marginal gains

James is certain that irrespective of the job given to him, it will be carried out in an engaging, accessible and informative way.


"We had the pleasure of having James Frater speak at our Networking & Mentoring Launch. James spoke with authority & passion which was vital in engaging the audience. KCL ACMA appreciate the accuracy and high quality information James provided on the importance of networking. We would love to have James speak at our events again!" 

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