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 "A powerful, motivating and evidence-led speaker who evokes actionable reflection in his audience" 

James is an experienced and impactful speaker. Others frequently describe him as “humorous and inspiring” and it is evident that he takes pride in creating individual and specialised sessions which appeal to the wide array of audiences he caters to. 


His events range from panel discussions and keynote speeches, to workshops and lecture presentations. Receiving formal coaching in public oratory and delivery has allowed him to maintain a high standard of delivery for a range of audiences.

James is certain that irrespective of the job given to him, it will be carried out in an engaging, accessible and evidence-led way.

Mastering Networking

Audiences fully understand the importance of networking, how to network effectively and who you should be networking with.

Finding Your Audacity

Audiences leave knowing exactly how to intentional pursue the things that align with their purpose and brings them joy.

Remaining Resilient

Audiences understand how to create goals that work for you and apply frameworks that allow you to remain agile, as you develop.

Examples include:

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