As I said before, my purpose in life is to help others, so I spend a lot of time creating and getting involved with initiatives that help me to do that! Even in my degree, Medicine, I am learning the skills and knowledge that will allow me to help those in need.


Fortunately, I have been able to impact the lives of some young people – particularly those from African and Caribbean backgrounds. I really REALLY want everyone to know that we can all be leaders and game changers. Everything starts with us. We need to be the change we want to see in the world (you can stop here, this is the most important part)


I’ve been able to do some really cool things. I have helped to establish a partnership between Amos Bursary and King’s College London where I created a two-day conference for year 12 Amos Bursary students, associate students and their parents. The success allowed us to open it up to ALL year 11-13 students.


I was also the King’s African & Caribbean Society (ACS) President – the largest ACS in London (I counted!). My team and I were able to put on numerous events throughout the year, ranging from panel discussions to mental health workshops. We also organised the largest ACS Cultural charity show in London called Culture Shock.


I am keen on continuously finding ways to showcase the importance of representation at Kings. I launched the #BlackMenAtKingsCollegeLondon social media campaign to showcase Black males at Kings. I also launched “Queens at Kings”, which aims to and has inspired prospective and current students.


I am grateful that my efforts have been recognised among numerous organisations, including the Association of Jamaican Nationals, the Amos Bursary, my Student Union, Rare Recruitment and Future Leaders Magazine. He was named one of the 'Rare Rising Stars' for 2018; this list acknowledges the top 10 Black Students in the UK that are doing impactful extra-curricular activities alongside their degree.


“Success takes many different forms. Success for some can be waking up every day and facing the world. To the others, it’s the accolades and the recognition they get from their work. For me, I measure my success by lives I am able to positively impact. If I am able to touch lives with the things I do then I deem that to be successful.” 

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