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1-1 consultations:


This will be in depth consultations on existing programmes targeted students - particularly African & Caribbean students and students from lower socio-economic backgrounds. A detailed report will be created on ways to improve it. Medicine has taught James to be meticulous and pay attention to detail. This is a skill that he takes into his work when he is consulting schools and university on their existing programme, assessing their effectiveness and looking at ways to better measure that.

Programme Creation:

This service will be include an initial consultation to assess the needs of the institution and the students. A programme package will be created based on the specific requirements of the individual school or university. 

The service also includes an evaluation component so that we can measure the effectiveness of the programme, as well as assessing it against the markers of success.

The programmes will be as scalable and as efficient as possible to ensure the maximum benefit for the institution and the students it will be impacting.


 "Through his excellent public speaking skills and ability to connect with young people, James has supported many students to make the right decision regarding their future. His creative and dedicated approach to his work ensure that James is always a pleasure to work with."

Jimmy Pickering

Widening Participation Officer, King's College London

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